I am Monte Harris. Thanks for visiting. I am a graduate student at Missouri State University. My research interests are Pentecostalism, religion in the United States, sexuality, and gender. While my ultimate goal is to become an academic, I also want my research to translate into better digestible content for a broader audience. I believe research should have a measurable social impact.

You can expect posts on Saturdays. Under “ilostmyprayerhanky 1.0,” you can find previous posts that do not fit the current direction of this blog, which is religious studies.

If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, or anything, let me know. Even if you find you can’t stand me as a person because of my positions, I don’t find that intimidating. I want this out there to interact with people, not a podium from which to smash people. You will find that I like to process things.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, John! I think I'm subscribed to you now. When I attempted it, I got a weird error from Scriptblocker, something about crosslisting. Anyway, if it doesn't show that I'm subscribed, shoot me a line at ilostmyprayerhanky AT gmail.com. Thanky.


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