Interests: activism for the non-privileged, atheism/irreligion/secularism, mental illness, religious experiences, social explanations of religion (e.g., sociology/psychology/anthropology of religion), philosophy of religion, religion and politics, critical theory, feminism, Foucault, religion and law, Marx, Nietzsche, postcolonialism, Weber, Durkheim, Charles Taylor (philosopher not the war criminal), critical biblical studies, political philosophy, postmodernism, queer thought, race, revolutions, theological pluralism/theology of religions, death of God thought, Bourdieu, Bruce Lincoln, Russell McCutcheon, labor/unions.

Many of these topics and persons interest me because they do not fit into what is “normal” (though religious experiences could arguably be called normal). There’s something about fringes that fascinates me. Maybe it’s because I didn’t fit in anywhere for a long time and so I learned to think as an outsider. The main thing is that at best I’ve only dipped my toes in any of these topics. The whole point of this blog is to catalog my journey along the edges of human thought and practice. There will be thoughts there from my experience with Christianity, from the perspective of a father, from the perspective of one who isn’t truly committed to one philosophy or another, from the perspective of a critical person.



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